thought // the breakfast club

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. 
// John Gunther //

(Breakfast time is one of my most favorite time  of the day. I love to wake up earlier and steal a bit of me-time before starting the day with my beloved one.. cooking something healthy that should also be pampering to be enjoyed in a quality leisure time.  I, wholeheartedly, believe that a leisurely breakfast is the beginning of a happy day ahead. No wonder that the white queen of Alice's Wonderland believe in as many as six impossible thing before breakfast. Morning is the time for light, hope, and pure joy.

When I'm eating out, breakfast is still one of my most favorite meal time. Have you ever try going to a chain restaurant that serve breakfast? Chances are, you will meet all types of people with their masks off. It is the time of the day when the nice-scented office worker mingle with sleepy-faced family or a group of friends still in their jogging pants or pajamas. It is socially acceptable not to dress up during the breakfast time: the day is still very exciting and too early for judgement.

That is how The Breakfast Club at Lir begin.  

The Breakfast Club, as some of you might be well aware of, is the title of a celebrated 80's movie about five students from different cliques gather in a Saturday morning detention and develop friendship despite the different stereotypes each of them carries. At Lir, I want that hopeful time of the day to be celebrated in a way that strangers and friends gather; letting the warm morning sunshine, indulging menu, and conversation to bring happiness for the rest of the day. 

Instead of handling the club myself, I invite other people to host The Breakfast Club. They call themselves: The Aunties. The Aunties are three bright young ladies who become the think-tank and hostess of The Breakfast Club. The Aunties prepares not only beautiful sight and various types of indulging breakfast for everyone; but also honest hospitality and warmth. Their motto is to serve 'a bowl of joy'. Their first day of hosting ~before the heavy volcanic ash rain hit the city, left me smiling ear to ear. People were actually gather in one long table and become friends with those who was once a stranger. Even when the milk is to be served cold, the breakfast time should always be heartwarming, right?) 

// care to join the club? //

or just come to 

Jl.Anggrek 1/33 Baciro - Yogyakarta 
Every morning 6.30 am to 11.30 am (except Wednesday)


studio visit // heri dono

(It was a strange strange day when Dito and I went visiting Heri Dono's studio. There was no trace of bird's sound nor conversation in the air. It was as if the space is spelled with some kind of ancient magic~ so powerful and overwhelming. Maybe it was because the house used to belong to the royalty before it turned into a hospital, a school, and a police office before Heri Dono decided to use it as a studio. Or maybe, it was because of the almost-mythical figures he displayed here and there: from a lovely lady's statue looking at visitors from above, to human-head-swan statues in front of the house. The hanging upside down man-like plastic figure in all white and faerie-like troops hanging in the living room certainly builds up the atmosphere.

Heri Dono himself has this persona of someone who came straight out of Tim Burton's book. Living a solitary life in his strange fortress, creating magical troops of faeries and dinosaurs, combining the whimsical and the grim at the same time. This burtonesque feel gives me nightmares for a few days after the visit. This kind of effect is similar to that which I felt after going to Agus Suwage's retrospective few years ago~ with less sociopolitical issue and more fairytales. Before this visit, I wouldn't say that I'm much of a fans of Heri Dono. Yet, going through the whole buildings (three of them) full of his past works in a place so enchanted with old strange spell impressed me in so many ways. He is indeed, a story teller ahead of his time.)

He is going to have a retrospective show this year in Jakarta. (Something to look forward to!) | Click here to find out more about him.