under the limelight of the camera's eyes

(you see.. under the limelight of the camera's eyes; the world is a little bit more colorful. Life is a little bit more exciting. The world is seen once again in detail and people develop a new way in looking. A split second of beautiful moment is captured and collected. Experiences are shared, personal gaze are opened to wider audience. We know how people arrange their table, eat their beautiful healthy breakfast, interact with their pets, spend their dreamy afternoon, gaze upon the cloud above them. We know what they read, what they see, and how it reflects on their aesthetic. Sometime it was as if people take us into their adventure. It amaze me to see how people could find beauty in the mundane, turning trash into treasure, painting life in a softer light, and get connected to new ideas. 

After all, lives are the sum of  memories. Wouldn't it be nice, in moderation, to capture a split seconds in life while living it? One day, it might be needed to help us remember.)


the silly old man who never finds his way back

(Today, I lost my Shadow.  

We became friend 13 years ago. He was this clumsy 3 years-old husky trying to adapt with the tropical environment and I was this teenage girl who was thrilled to get a dog for the very first time. We didn't get along that well back then. He was huge and our very first walk together resulting in an embarrassing tragedy when he chew and killed two of my neighbor's kitten out of curiosity. I was a little bit afraid of him before I realize that he was simply curious. 

Shadow is all about unconditional love. We had this on-and-off relationship. In some glorious day, I'll jump right away to where we keep him. But often my day seize me away and we separated for a week, months, or more. Even then, he would always be there; waiting for me patiently, hug me persistently, and gets really really excited when I'm around. He could not bark so he would howl when he hear my voice few miles away. It was as if I just left him for a day instead of two months. He never get bored, never gets cranky, never feel abandoned, never demanding, and always be so nice. Just like an old shoes, the more he spend time with me, the more comfortable we are to each other.  

Years passed and there he was through one broken hearts to another,  numerous adventures to the forest, purposeless walks, and many picnic photos together. In 13 years I had several other pets that are dear to me but Shadow is special. In my solitude, he will always be the one protecting me and my heart from any harm. He is just perfect to be my daydreaming pal and his hug is always comforting. With him, I'll take a longer walk to the unknown path and deeper heart of the forest. I know I am safe. 

Shadow, you silly old man who never find your way back home, remember me until we meet again at the rainbow bridge!)