"I like to see people reunited. Maybe that's a silly thing but what can I say. I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can't tell fast enough, the ears that aren't big enough, the eyes that can't take in all the change. I like the hugging, the brining together, the end of missing someone." 
| jonathan safran foer |

(This is the last day of my amazing solo trip in Sydney. I hate to be cheesy but I start to lost count of how many times I miss him.. wishing that he was here sharing all the new senses, excitements, and smells.. wondering about how the simplest daily things in life feels new and magical once again. Tomorrow is the day when absence become presence and the distance between us is just one hug away. The last time distance keep us apart was during my three months internship at Bandung. I remember the weather back then was also as cold and I wrote to him everyday.. The end of my fight with this biting winter weather is also the end of missing him. 

I start to feel warm inside.)


until we meet again!

(when I was much younger, I always imagine myself as a solo traveler. Flying around the world, experiencing life to its fullest. Travelling solo was listed in my dream-list in my junior high school's notebook, high-school group journal, and diaries. It was until when I first travelling solo to Manila in 2004; it start giving me a chill. Then, after finding the perfect travel companion for life, travelling solo start to sound less fun compared to travelling with him. It excites me more to be able to share that beautiful curve of a quaint house, that bluest sky, that thrilling moment of trying strange stuff, a hug when it's too cold, and sharing the excitement of new found little shops or cafe.

Today, I am going to travel solo. It brings me back to my old dreams, combined with all the excitements and unusual thrills. Sure, there will be many firsts: first winter, first walk around the unknown territory, and the sensation of being alone. A good friend will be there guiding me, so, there is nothing to worry about. Plus, I will be pretty busy with the tight class schedule, studio visits, and gallery hopping. Still, I wish I could share it with you

I wish you well, until we meet again..)