looking back // 2014 // life

//best moments//
1/ that one night, when we and a bunch of our close friends impulsively took a short trip back and forth to kaliurang to see dito's show in a hotel room. It's been awhile since we do anything *that* impulsive  (proof that we are a bunch of responsible grown up, right?) | 2/ that time when Lani (frau) play our favorite song on my piano in our home! (dito cried a little) | 3/ spending lazy afternoon with Soirée | 4/ that time when we first had watermelon by the sea~ Japanese style (by that, we mean: bash it against the rock) | 5/ that time when we finally get our Amelie-style instant photo taken after three unsuccessful attempts. We giggled so much and end up not getting great photographs..but it was perfect! | 6/ that night when we crash into someone's birthday picnic with the Darwinians by the jellyfish point.. | 7/ that time after an encouraging meeting and just before a very important meeting that makes me very nervous.. and I lookup only to see my name somehow written on the sky (it's actually turned out to be 'mimi' but when it gets to 'mir' point, I was so excited!)

1/ birthday picnics (mine- twice: by the sea and up the hill; dito's: at a market with all his favorite food) | 2/ 1st wedding anniversary | 3/ Melbourne coffee trip for me and the whole Melbourne trip that was like a big pilgrimage for dito | 4/ that time when I surprise myself and enjoy eating out alone in Sydney's best pie shop (eating out alone usually makes me really nervous) | 5/ this year I walk more than I have ever been in a year | 6/ feel like studying more and more ~and got selected to join the 4A Curators' Intensive in Sydney | 7/ and also Japan Foundation Curator workshop at Jakarta | 8/ lost my Shadow | 9/ just when I got even more excited to learn, there was a very inspiring event: Equator Symposium 2014 | 10/ did two presentations about Lir: first, at the Indonesian Consulate in Darwin and second, at IVAA | 11/ my very first 'dugem' with my best people and (almost) the whole artscene of Jogja | 12/ start a new hobby: experimental cooking and midnight baking! / 13/ start and end the year by making exhibitions at KKF, with one same reference book!

1/ Wonosari (to Beton) | 2/ Sydney (fly solo!) | 3/ Darwin (for an art summit and to give a talk) | 4/ Explore Kaliurang (a new old-favorite) | 5/ My favorite seaside (the only seaside that make sense with this year's crazy schedule) | 6/ Melbourne (with him) | 7/ Malang (with the big big family) | 8/ Jakarta (several times for work)

1/ The Memories of Unidentified Experience - Dito Yuwono's solo exhibition | 2/ Tell Me a Tale! - Monster Buaya's solo show | 3/ Exhibition Laboratory 1.1: Alfin Agnuba - Cita Rasa '75 | 4/ Exhibition Laboratory 1.2: Gandhi Setyawan - Koperasi Dinas Merchandise Yogyakarta | 5/ Exhibition Laboratory 1.3: Yonaz Kristy - Between Media and Other Stories | 6/ Exhibition Laboratory 1.4: Cosmas Dipta - Kelas Salah Jurusan | 7/ Poetry of Space - intervention series and process exhibition | 8/ (ongoing) Exhibition Laboratory 2

1/ preserve the rose-scented journey on a jar of rose petals jam | 2/ the very first Walk the Folk with my favorite working partner | 3/ Lir's Official Merchandise with my team | 4/ Poetry of Space with the best team I could ever asked for.. :)

1/ Agung Kurniawan's studio - Majalah Dewi | 2/ Angki Purbandono - Things! | 3/ DGTMB - Majalah Dewi | 4/ Go Tik Swan - Elle Decor Indonesia | 5/ KKF - Things! | 6/ Guerillabunker - Elle Decor | 7/ Guerillabunker - Majalah Dewi | 8/ Mella and Nindit's House - Majalah Dewi | 9/ Papermoon - Things! | 10/ Lifepatch - Things! | 11/ Horror and Art - Things! | 12/ Curatorial essays | 13/ Catalog essay for Jae Hoon Lee - Cemeti Art House | 14/ Dear Curator, Curate Me - Cemeti Art House | 15/ Wolffriend Project #1: Cups (with Yudha Sandy) | 16/ (ongoing) Shaggydog Visual Biography | 17/ www.trulyjogja.com  

(this year was one of the best year. I promised to slow down but end up being much more productive than last year, travel much more, and had a lot of fun. It was indeed filled with good madness. I surprised myself every now and then. My resolution was pretty much fulfilled~ even more than I imagined at the beginning of the year. I can't thank enough..)