looking ahead // 2016 // in tranquility

//quote to remember//
"let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." |marcel proust| 

1/ opt for tiny everyday victories, one step at a time | 2/ explore, go deep, and learn more | 3/ work hard-- and having fun while doing it | 4/ life is good, make no apology for that! follow that impulsive picnic urge, lay down and just think about the sky, give more hug and enjoy it, don't feel guilty for a do-nothing day.. | 5/ house-hunting, for real | 6/ be gentle and forgiving, better be kind than being right | 7/ finish the things I started last year and the year before | 8/ be healthier, body and mind.. | 9/ be wiser on posting anything in the social media-- lots of misunderstanding was rooted online last year | 10/ never touch anything with half of my heart-- be present, in love and in life | 11/ listen to the intuition, if something doesn't feel right or not worth any attention-- don't do it.

(this year is potentially become another fast-paced one..but I will walk through this year in tranquility. "The Tao abides in non-action, yet nothing is left undone.", Lao Tzu said. So, for me, this is the year to let things develop naturally, be at peace, and as I am turning 30 this year-- maybe it's time to give zero f*ck to things that are unessential..)


looking back // 2015 // life

//best moments//
1/  picking up lobi-lobi with my uncles. 2/ that moment when silampukau sang my favorite song under the tree in walk the folk #3. 3/ finding beautiful bike path in Darwin-- along the seaside, under the lush old trees, in the middle of baobab forest, and many more idyllic routes. 4/ spending many afternoon laying on the grass together with our own music on, watching the sun goes down, looking at the sky, and just enjoy our own solitude, together.. 5/ being utterly happy by tasting one of the best simple breakfast in Bandung. 6/ running around Singapore in between flight was apparently so much fun. 7/ that moment when uncle sent me a photo of mud-crab, as a way to say that he was thinking of me.. :) 8/ that moment when somehow, the three of us (my sisters and me) got together in the city after so much time apart 9/ that one perfect afternoon, on our way back from the hospital when he acclaimed: "Look at the mountain!" and there goes the best view of Merapi in the whole year! then, we spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the grass, hospital terror has passed, and I finally say a proper goodbye to Ubi under the blushing shade of the afternoon. It was the last day of 2015 and it was perfect. 10/ just when I thought it could not be more perfect, there was that moment when me and three friends were running around in the dark, trying to catch the midnight on top of my mom's roof where we can see the best firework show in town.. and we took an alternative route in the darkness, and at the distance we can see the fireworks starts to lighten up the darkness. that moment, right there, I was feeling like I want to stop and just cherish the moment, but instead, we ran and ran and ran.. and we got to the rooftop right on the midnight. 

1/ gave myself a well-deserved rest (for approximately half of the whole year, that makes me feel mostly melancholic the whole year) on the other side, it means more time to read more book and watch more good movies. 2/ got my blood drawn more than I've ever been in my whole life in just 6 months. 3/ lost my Ubi and it was a very big shock. I never thought I can ever get so emotionally attached with a rabbit. 4/ making smoked salmon for the 2nd wedding anniversary celebration, and take a long dip in the pool afterward. 5/ held a 'gathering' at the rooftoop with hill view  to celebrate my birthday. 6/ spend a lot of time working in kopiketjil and finally found a cupcake shop that sell really good cupcake. (and I was never a big fan of cupcake before) 7/ eat better, healthier stuff. 8/ learn more about art than I've ever learned through essay and reviews assignments  9/ tried keeping  a succulent alive-- and failed miserably. 

1/ Jakarta (a lot!) 2/ Wonosari (playlist-battle trip!) 3/ Solo (for Irwan Ahmett's performance) 4/ Bandung (for a short trip with him) 5/ Darwin (25 days residency-- his, I was just tagging along) 6/ Singapore (a rush rush rush book-hunting and exhibition-watching day) 7/ Plawangan Hill (with a cute little girl who fell in love with the nature)

1/ "We are the Majority Anyway" - solo exhibition by Faida Rachma. 2/ "Bioskop Remadja" - solo exhibition by Okinawan A.M. 3/ "Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Finding" - solo exhibition by Edita Atmaja. 4/ "Betwixt and Between" - group exhibition of Lir 4 year anniversary. 5/ “A Noble Silence” - solo exhibition by Sarita Ibnoe. 6/ “Much Love” - solo exhibition by Anna Paramita. 7/ “Contrary to Popular Belief,..” - solo exhibition by Putud Utama. 8/ “In Vrede” - solo exhibition by Antonius Ipur. 9/ “F20.3” - solo exhibition by Isnen Bahar. 10/ “Genealogy of Hope: Piala Suratin 1992” - solo exhibition by Dimaz Maulana.

1/ the observant club. 2/ a new habit of trying out the recipe of some food I tasted during one of my trip as a souvenir from a trip out of town.. 3/ made the most impulsive decision ever by joining Dito for his residency in Darwin for 25 days with no plan and only 6 pieces of clothing.. and survived.

1/ “Raung Jagat: Rancangan Sistem Paduan Suara Eksperimental” - Things Magazine. 2/ "The Act of Collecting, the Act of Caring" - Things Magazine. 3/ "Playing with the Idea of Democracy" - Elle Decor Indonesia. 4/ "The Dreamer, The Visionary: Lab Laba-Laba" - Elle Decor Indonesia. 5/ "Art for All: ArtJog8" - Things Magazine. 6/ "ArtJog Etc." - Elle Decor Indonesia. 7/ "Artist Co-Working Space: Rumah Kijang" - Dewi Magazine. 8/ "The Narrative Project" - Elle Decor Indonesia. 9/ "Recollecting Memory" - Elle Decor Indonesia. 10/ "Green Plastic Tree" essay for group exhibition of Grafis Minggiran. 11/ "Recollecting Memory of Tukang Foto Keliling" - exhibition essay for a project by Dito Yuwono. 12/ "Melihat Jogja dari Jakarta" 13/ "Semacam Pasar Malam di Bulan Juni" 14/ "Kopi dan Seni yang Serius"

//beautiful things that inspire me//
1/ this essay on antagonism and relational aesthetic by claire bishop (never thought I will ever feel so excited and thrilled in reading an art essay.. hahaha) 2/ art: akiq a.w.'s projects at cemeti (both at router and humor exhibition), J.P.Soetardjo menjawab semua impian by pius sigit, aditya novali's makan angin, irwan ahmett's spatial history, agung kurniawan's hanya kematian yang setia menunggu, yang fana adalah waktu kita abadi - teater garasi, onyenho's solo show at kkf, 125660 spesimen sejarah alam at salihara, favorite artworks from Jakarta Biennale by tita salina, oscar munoz, maika elan, meiro keizumi, yee i-lann, jeremy millar, dieneke jansen, maddie leach; favorite artworks from Jogja Biennale by anggun priambodo, punkasila, joned suryatmoko, wukir suryadi, and olanrewaju tejuoso. 3/ book: the philosophy of andy warhol, love in the time of cholera, neruda's book of question, invisible city.  4/ movie:  la grande bellezza, comet, in the city of sylvia, all naoko ogigami's movie, sidewalls. 

(there is one issue for me when i slow down: tête-à-tête with feelings and my deepest emotion. you see, when you are busy running around-- feelings are mostly just blurry sight that doesn't need your full attention. once you stop, it is suddenly very much present. for me, this year means facing and accepting my fragility, and as I was physically resting, my mind and my heart rode an exhausting roller coaster up and down the hill. on the list above, this year might seem like a pretty occupied year, yet, i feel like i haven't done enough, not working hard enough, and not travelling enough. but then, there were so many happy days-- those that makes me feel so contented and my heart so full i lost word to describe it.. there were moments of loss and letting go, there were love and jealousy, there were busy days and idle ones. those that makes me feel like i should stop being so hard on myself every now and then. i feel lost most of the time, and it turns out that it was how i learn more about myself.. afterall, it was a pretty good year!) 


looking back // 2015 // lir

1/ Assembly Lines - solo exhibition of Stereoflow. 2/ New look, menu, and merchandise. 3/ (Not So) Secret Dining Club project. 4/ Exhibition Laboratory #2 and #3 which consist of these solo exhibitions: 5/ "F20.3" by Isnen Bahar. 6/ "Genealogy of Hope" by Dimas Maulana. 7/ Contrary to Popular Belief, .. by Putud Utama. 8/ In Verde by Antonius Ipur. 9/ Bioskop Remadja by Okinawan Agni. and 10/ We are the Majority Anyway by Faida Rachma. 11/ A talk about art enthusiasts in Jogja with Lir and Plesir Seni. 12/ A Noble Silence - solo exhibition by Sarita Ibnoe. 13/ Much Love - solo exhibition by Anna Paramitha. 14/ Walk the Folk #2 and #3. 15/ Dialog Tentang Batas - solo exhibition of Dhanny Sanjaya. 16/ Selected / Unselected - solo exhibition of Arda Awigarda. 17/ Lir x (Not So) Secret Dining Club x Indieguerillas at ArtJog8. 18/ Folk Afternoon: Back to Basic. 19/ Betwixt and Between: Celebrating Lir's 4th Anniversary. 20/ A talk about Lir at Erudio School of Art. 21/ Memory Tape project by Sandi Kalifadani. 22/ Don't be Afraid of the Dark by Paperjam Prints. 23/ (Sub) Siklus - solo exhibition by Gilang Nuari. 24/ Heroik Parodial - solo exhibition by Wahyu Eko. 25/ LIR x GBDBG x NCCA - creating an alternative pop-up art space in Darwin. 26/ Friend Visit Friend: Edita Atmaja. 27/ Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Findings - solo exhibition by Edita Atmaja. 28/ Living in a Bubble - solo exhibition by Rudi Hermawan. 

(Let's talk about numbers! 2015 was quite a busy year when we talk about number. There were 20 art projects and exhibitions, three music events, two food-based project, and three talks outside Lir- one of it was abroad. Our big family is growing with two more additional member of Lir Space plus five Lir's Girls and one Lir's Boy. The year was busy and fun. When we talk about people, we have Sandi Kalifadani as our official music-program director and Yonaz Kristy as exhibition manager at Lir. We had Silampukau, Elda from Stars and Rabbit, Ita, Irfan, and many more musicians performed at Walk the Folk. We made new friends and collaboration plans for the upcoming year too. As for the restaurant, it was really difficult to juggle between our personal career, Lir Space's busy year, and achieving desirable visit for the restaurant, which is Lir Space's source of funding, that is. So there was some kind of a rat race going on at that point. The engagement was also very low compared to two years ago. This year, we might do more fun things together with more people. Workshops, classes, or clubs, maybe. Thoughts?)