Mira Asriningtyas is living a life surrounded with books, tales, and the beloved ones. She lives at an idyllic village under an active volcano in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She enjoys simple moment shared with the beloved ones, taking a long ride to a place with a view, creating space, having a long conversation with friends over a cup of coffee and fine dessert, finding tranquility in the ritual of list-making, spend a generous me-time in the morning, and doing midnight-baking for fun. She often seeks for romanticism in abandoned houses as well as in poetry, art, good food, and in the small things in her daily life. At the moment, she runs a little art space called Lir. She works as an in-house curator while occasionally writes for magazine and promise herself to dedicate the upcoming year to study, read, and be nice. 

{The Deer and Unexpected Soirée}
The Deer and Unexpected Soirée is a blog about art, spaces, inspirations, books, thought, and the fine things in life. All pictures are taken by me using my camera phone and edited using vsco/instagram unless stated otherwise.